Hey guys!

Having a sick day 😦 There’s something going around, so remember to wash your hands! XD Anyways, I want to make a list of some good books, so… here goes!

#1: Truth. This is the first book in the Mailekien trilogy. (Sorry if I spelled that wrong!) It’s a very interesting book about a girl who has lived inside a village where every day is the same. It is heavily guarded and no one comes in or goes out. Mailekien thinks that her little village is more than meets the eye… and wonders about the outside world. Then, for the first time, a stranger comes to town from the outside. Will Mailekien get the truth from him?

#2: Courage. This is the second book in the Mailekien trilogy. I don’t want to say too much or else it will give away the first book! What I will say is that it’s sad. I almost cried.. ARGH! Can’t say anything without giving away the book… this is hard… anyways, it’s sad. But overall, it’s a good book, like the first one. I can’t wait to read the last book of the series! This book was very action packed.

#3: The Door Within. This book is about a boy, Adian, who is not very happy with the way things are turning out for him. He had to move in with his old, crazy grandpa who always talks about a weird place called the Realm. Of course, Adian thinks he’s a lunatic (Who wouldn’t?) until he finds the door within…

#4: The Rise of the Wyrm Lord. This is the second book of the Door Within trilogy. Adian meets a girl, Aionette, who believes! As time passes and they get to know each other, the two figure out that Aionette is being called to the realm. While sparring, Adian realizes something astonishing-Aionette is Gwen’s glimpse! But that’s nothing compared to the shock Aionette gets when she enters the realm through the Door Within…

OK, I hope this gave you some good book suggestions! Sorry if I misspelled any of the names!




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