Hey guys!

Just a quick up-date on my life. Yesterday, it was snowing!! Yes, SNOWING!! It’s actually not too early for Maine. Today, you can only see patches of snow here and there. But… boy, is it cold! I’m wearing gloves (Well, one glove-lost it’s partner!) inside! Luckily, the heat just turned on. My audition is tomorrow and I just want to thank you guys for your thoughts and prayers about it! If you’re wanting something to be entertaining, or if you’re a YouTube fan, check out my friend’s channel, TuxedoCat! Here’s how you get to it. Search Aww Nuts on YouTube, and click on the one with the pic of talking Tom. Under the name, it should show the TuxedoCat channel. Please subscribe to it! It would make my friend really happy! And thank you for all the follows! I really appreciate them!


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