Hey guys!

So, you see, my cat Bear sort of kind of wants to have a blog. And… well… we are forced to share a blog. I can’t believe my cat is invading my personal blog! 😦 Anyways, I will give this over to him now. He will be posting his blog post every Sunday or Saturday. So, yeah.

Peace, Jocelyn


My name is Bear Grylls and I want to tell you some stuff about me. First, I am a cat. And I am so glad that my human Jocelyn let me share her blog! Well, I am a black cat and my brother is a white cat named Avalanche. I have a condition (I forget what it’s called-what? I’m a cat. I have permission to do that.) My condition makes me have an eternal cold. And I sort of sneeze. A lot. Everywhere. And my humans think that it’s gross. Even when I sneeze on my bed, Joss shoos me off! Imagine that! Shood of my own bed! I think that Jocelyn thinks it’s her bed. Well, she’s wrong. Anyways, if you were wondering, I am a he. Yes, a he. And you can call me Bear because that’s my nickname. Oh, and please give me catnip as a sign of great admiration for starting this blog. Your welcome. Now give me the cat-nip.



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