Hey every cat body!

It’s Bear Bear and it’s cold! On days like this, I like to just sit down right beside these boxes with lines that are in the ground. Warm stuff comes out of them. The humans call them heaters. Anyways, it was so cold that two penguins came into our house! Really! So, I went into the bathroom, and there were these two penguins. They were side by side and they looked identical. I wanted to be friendly, and Jocelyn always says guests come first, so I went up and tried to talk to them. I will tell you what they were like: They were fuzzy, and they had holes on the top of thier heads. They had on blue bows and in the inside of thier holes was a white thingy that said ‘Justice.’ And they were penguins. So, anyways, I came up to them and I said “Hi!” and they said, “……………” And what I mean by that is that they didn’t say anything at all. So I kept talking to them. But they kept ignoring me. I kept talking, and then I gave up. I told them they were rude. And then Jocelyn walked in to the bathroom. She pet me. And apparently the penguins were offended by me calling them rude, so they ate Jocelyn’s feet! They stuck her feet in thier holes! Really! Not making this up! For some reason, Joss didn’t seem to mind. Ok, so that was tdhe interesting thing that happened to me. Anyways. Bear! What? Who is this?!? It’s me, Jocelyn. Oh. Ok. What do you want? Those weren’t penguins. WHAT?!? Well, what were they?!? Those were slippers. Oh. Ok. OOOOOOHHHHHH. That makes sense. I knew that. Wait, what are slippers? Sigh. What’s sigh mean? ARGH!! Slippers are things that you put on your feet to keep you warm! Oh. Kind off like the box in the ground? You mean the heater. Ok, fine! The heater. Yep, it’s like that. Well then. Why do they look like penguins? Because penguins are cute, and I want my slippers to be cute. Oh. Ok. Anyways, that was an interesting event that happened in my life! Byeee! Bye guys!

Meows out, Peace!

Bear (And Jocelyn)


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