Hey guys.

Lately, I’ve been as busy as a bee! Sorry that I haven’t posted in  a while! To make up for lost time, I will give a summary/update to what has been happening in my life.

In Shrek JR, I got…. (Drumroll, please…) YOUNG FIONA!!! (FYI, that was the part I wanted.) Thank you all so much for all of your thoughts and prayers. I really apriciate it! I will make a post about when the performances will be, so that if you are closeby, you can see me!

Special B-day shout out to Paige Morgan! She turned 11 this week. Also, if you would go on YouTube and search LPS Adventure by Tuxedo Cat, and watch it, then you would find a video that Paige and I made! You will also find that I am losing my voice because I am catching a cold. 😦

Another shout out to my mom. She worked really hard on a Christmas Tea that my church put on, and it went great! The song was bautiful! This shout out is also for being my mom… wich is a pretty hard thing to be. 🙂

So, yes. That pretty much sums up my  summary/update of what’s been going on in my life! Thanks for reading! You guys are awesome!



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