Merry Christmas!

Hello, everybody!

As Christmas has been getting near, my family has been super busy! I would like to apologize for not posting in a while, and to make up for it, I will try to post stuff more then I did. Anyways, I can’t believe how fast Christmas came! It seems like it totally snuck up on us! As I look at the piles of presents that are under our Christmas tree, I think of how blessed we are. So many people have one or less Christmas present a year! And my mind keeps wandering back to the first Christmas, when God came to earth as a human. This year, I want to ask you about your Christmas tradition! I love telling about mine! On Christmas Eve, we go to our church for a special service. When we get home, we each open a present set aside for Christmas Eve. It is always P.J’s! We sleep in them at night, and in the morning, my brother and I wake up as early as we can. We then wake up our parents, and then we go downstairs to breakfast. We then get dressed for a Christmas hike! Once we reach our summit, my dad reads a chapter in the Bible about Jesus coming down to earth. Then, we hike back to our car, and we drive home. When we get in, we start to open stockings, while our mom makes cinnamon buns. After we opened our stockings, we eat that delicious cinnamon bun goodness, and then we open presents! The rest of the day usually consists of us playing with our presents. Wait a second, hold on: My cat is telling me something. Be right back!


Hey guys. Apparently, Bear wants to tell you about his Christmas  tradition. So, here he goes:

Hey everybody! It’s bear. My Christmas tradition is this: I sleep all day until my humans get back from a hike. Then, I usually get one present in my stocking, so I open it. It’s usually food or cat-nip. Anyways, the rest of the day, I play around with my favorite toy of all: WRAPPING PAPER!!!! I love the crinckly sound that it makes! Anyways, I think a wet-food can just opened, so, gotta go! BYE!

Hey guys, it’s Joss. Thanks for reading my post! So now, tell me, what’s your Christmas tradition? Respond down below in the comments! Thanks again and have a very merry Christmas!!!



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