I have failed…


As you know, I have not been posting for a long time…

I have failed you…

I deeply and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.


To get myself better at posting often, I have decided to make a schedule. Yes, a schedule. Well, sort of.

You see, I will try to post every day. Yes. EVERY DAY. But every day, I will post a thing related to a certain subject.

Here goes:

Saturday- For those of you who don’t know what American Girl dolls are, they are 18″ dolls who can be ordered to look exactly like you. Other ones are historical; but that’s another story. Anyways, the Just Like You dolls (AKA the look-alike dolls,) supposedly go to a boarding school called Innerstar University. So I was wondering-what would it be like if the dolls were alive and they really went to Innerstar U? I decided to write a diary about that from my own Just Like You doll, Miranda, ‘s perspective.

Sunday- As you probably know, I am a Christian. On Sundays, I will post a devotion along with a Bible verse.

Monday- On Monday, I will post reflections on my past week.

Tuesday- Tuesday will be… Doll Day! (Yay!) On Tuesdays, I will post something doll related, such as doll reviews, maybe a video I made with my dolls, some doll selfies, ETC.

Wednesday- Bear STILL wants to have his share, so on Wednesdays, he will be posting about life from his point of view.

Thursday- Lately, I have been making personality quizzes, and to tell you the truth- I LOVE it. So, I will be posting a personality quiz on Thursday.

Friday- Random Corner! I will be posting anything I want on Fridays- Book reviews, the new shirt I bought, a cool craft or cooking recipe that I want to share, ETC.


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