Doll Day!


Hey guys!

As you may remember, today is… Doll Day! (Yay! Again.) So today, I am going to do a doll review on a Monster High doll that I got for Christmas. For those of you who don’t know, Monster High dolls are… Well, Monster dolls! They are the children of the famous monsters (For example, Abby Bominable is the daughter of the Abominable Snow Man.) They all go to a school for monster, Monster High School!

So I am going to do a doll review on Lorna Mcnessie, the daughter

of the Lock Ness Monster.

Although her family is known for being a little camera shy, Lorna LOVES to… photo bomb! She just can’t help herself. She can’t resist being in a photo! In the animated Monster High TV show, she is an exchange student from Ireland.

Lorna Mcnessie has curly red hair and blue skin. (Yup. Blue skin.) She wears a plaid, hat-like hair accessory, and has some of her hair up in a ponytail. Her head is slightly bigger than the average Monster High doll’s, and her expression is a little different. Her blue skin is sparkly, and she has webbed ears. Her head and her neck are the only parts of her body that are not scaled. She has webbed fingers, and her arms and legs have fins. She also has a finned tail. She wears a red shirt and black belt, and her skirt is plaid with pictures of the Lock Ness Monsters on it. Her boots are black, and they are high heels. The base is made to look like it is made out of gray bricks. She comes with a big, redish-pink bag that has her family crest on it. Her orange passport is inside. Like most other Monster High Dolls, she also comes with a skull hairbrush and a diary for you to read.

So I hoped you enjoyed my doll review, I might be posting some video reviews in the future.

Peace! Jocelyn


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