Bear’s Life View: Hairdryers

YAY!! I can finawy be famous again! Yes. Hewo, everwybody! Today, I am going to start the first edition of… BEAWS LIFE VIEW!! I am going to share my life view on the blowy thingy. (Jocewyn says it’s a hairdwyer, but what does she know?) Anyways, the story of the blowy thing has been passed down from genewation to genewation, and my own mother passed it down to me. Hewe goes…


Once upon a time, there was a house cat named Beneaph. He lived with a girl named Jessie and her father, Jeeter. Her mother and brother had died in a car crash. Jessie was devestated and depressed. She spent all of her free time sleeping and/or taking a bath. But she kept getting colds because of her wet hair. Whenever Jessie’s hair was normal, she looked beautiful and radiant. Her hair would poof out and wave behind her, and she would look like a princess. But when her hair was wet, it turned black and stuck to her back. Her bangs covered her left eye. So her father, (an inventor,) wanted to make a solution to that problem. But he accidentally created the… blowy thing. It started to attack Jessie’s hair! The cats all knew that it was trying to stop her from being beautiful. So they tried to attack it, but Jessie and Jeeter stopped them! The cats had accidentaly scratched thier owners. They all agreed that the blowy thingy had taken over the minds of their owners, and therefor they had to stop attacking it because it used the humans as a sheild. The end.

So now you know what the blowy thing is actuawy like. Never touch it! It isn’t hewpful! It’s taking over your bwains and making you think it’s hewpful! So that was my first Beaw’s life view. I hope you liked it!
Meow’s out!
Beaw Beaw.


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