My name is Miranda Hoffman, and I am twelve years old. I have decided to start recording my life in this journal, and maybe someday it will be published online, or even maybe as a book! That’s what I want, anyways. So. Yeah. Welcome to my life! As I said already, I am Miranda Hoffman and I am twelve years old. I have long, blonde hair. Really long, straight blonde hair. I wear some cute pink glasses, and I have blue eyes and fair skin. I am SHORT for my age, and it’s hard to see everyone tower over me. I’m an only child, but I used to live with three other girls. That a few weeks ago, but I’ll tell you about that later. I live with my mom and my dad. My mom has short, brown hair, but not too short. She is average height, and she has chocolate brown eyes that somehow seem to smile. My dad is blonde like me. He has blue eyes, and not a lot of hair, and he wears contacts. He has a goatee beard, and my mom says I have his toes. I also live with an ADORABLE Himalayan cat that I named Mr. Fluffers, but I call him Fluffy. He is.. well, fluffy! So some recent… events happened. Lately. About five weeks ago, my mom told me we were moving! I just died then. I had been living with my awesome Aunt and my adopted sister, Cecile, Felicity, and Elizabeth. I just couldn’t leave them! Also, I had to leave my best friend, Zoe! She was my Aunt’s friend’s daughter. I don’t think I would have let myself move if it weren’t for my two cousins, Joyce and Betty. They live in the same place we’re moving, and I’m going to go to the same school as them. It’s a boarding school called Innerstar University, and my parents will live a few blocks away. I will be boarding there. Now, about my cousins. Joyce is twelve and Betty is ten, but their mom put them in school at the same time, so they’re in the same grade. Betty is my good friend, but Joyce is my BEST friend! She and I are identical cousins. We’re so like twins, it’s not even funny. We look EXACTLY alike, except for the fact that she doesn’t wear glasses. That’s how people tell us apart. We like exactly the same things and don’t like the same things, too. I have tons of memories of us three playing together as kids. We were so close! Anyways, my mom keeps asking me if I’m done. Our moving day is tomorrow, and we still have some stuff to pack. I’ll keep you posted!

Lots of love,



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