Moving day!

Before I start this, I would like to apologize. I haven’t been posting, and that’s because I have been super busy. I’m sorry!


OK, so, I’m in NJ, where the Innerstar University is. I really am… BORED. I have been in a car for almost six hours! I really am itching to get out of the car. And then I had to help my parents unpack their stuff. But really, it was worth it, because Joyce and Betty were there! Joyce showed me her collection of Littlest Pet Shops. She has so many! I only have about twenty one or something like that. But I have tons of Monster High dolls, and she has only like ten, so I guess we’re even. We had an awesome sleep over! We went to a pizza and PJ party that Innerstar U was hosting. It was at the high school, and we didn’t really pay attention to the other kids, except for a really nice girl Joyce introduced me to, Anya. She didn’t go to Innerstar U, but we had fun playing together. Then we went home and played on my new Wii U that I got for Christmas. We watched the movie “Enchanted,” (That was my movie,) while we were falling asleep. Then we went to the Innerstar U high school to sign up for an after-school drama club. Now that I’m here, my move seems more exciting than scary. I have to go, my mom doesn’t want me to be on electronics for too long.


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