Have you ever seen starving kids? Have you ever seen commercials asking for you to donate? Has your heart ever broken for kids and adults in 3rd world countries? Have you ever wanted to change the world? Now, I have high expectations for myself: I want to have an orphanage in Guatemala, and I want the kids there to know Jesus and be happy. I want to get so many donations that I will have to open another orphanage, five other orphanages! But that dream may not be realistic. I might have an orphanage, but it might have only 15 kids. They might be BAD kids, and they might hate everyone and everything. I might be struggling to scrape by on the few donations that I get, and I might be the only person who works for the orphanage. I don’t want to make you give up hope: If you put your mind to it, you can do great things. But don’t imagine that everyone you meet will be loving and kind. Don’t imagine that you’ll have bathrooms and electricity. Don’t imagine that all the kids will be easy to teach. Don’t imagine… The list goes on and on and on. I used to imagine my orphanage with tons of happy kids. We had a room and teacher for each grade. We had a TV, and I loved the kids and they loved me. It was a huge building, and there were 5 kids in every dorm room. Each room was painted a different theme, and everyone was friends. But as I grew up, reality popped my fantasy. I’m not trying to be a depressing, hopeless person: I’m just saying that my fantasy was not even slightly realistic. Yours might be different, but my point is: You can’t change the world. But you can change one person’s world. So you might think, well, how can I change someone’s world? That’s ridiculous! But it isn’t. So, at some point today, or at some point tomorrow, stop what you’re doing and listen. Listen. Don’t listen for, listen to. Listen to God. Because He will tell you. Maybe it will be a little jingle on the radio about adopting kids from Africa. Maybe it’s the billboard you see about fostering a baby girl, or the pastor talking about how adopting older children is better than adopting younger. Whatever it is, try to listen, and God will answer.

Try to find the hidden sentence! You will get extra cool points: Hint!


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