SORRY (Again) For not posting yesterday!
Anyways, today I am going to do a summary on the movie Saige Paints the Sky. This movie was made by American Girl, and the GOTY (Girl Of The Year,) is basically the main character in it.


Once upon a time… Oh, wait. Wrong story.

In a normal home in New Mexico, there lived a 10-year old girl named Saige Copeland. She was so happy for her first day of 5th grade, because her best friend Tessa had been at music camp all summer long. But when she comes to school, even though Tessa is thrilled to see her again, she has made a new friend-Dylan. She was in Dylan’s cabin at music camp, and it appears that Tessa was closer friends with Dylan then with Saige. But Saige found a new friend: Gabi. They both shared the same interests, horses and art. Even though Saige has found a new friend, she still yearns to get Tessa back. That is difficult with the rude Dylan taking all of Tessa’s time. But then Saige learns that the art and music classes don’t have enough funds, and that they will have to alternate every year. Can Saige work together with Dylan, Tessa, and Gabi to find a way to fund art, even when her grandmother, Mimi, is in the hospital? Can Saige stand up to her fears of being in front of the crowd in the parade, play, and press conference? Read the book or watch the movie to find out!
Also, if any of you have any information on how to get in to the American Girl audition for the next GOTY movie, that would be great!


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