OK, so, I bet you know what’s coming. Yup. I’m going to say I’m sorry for not posting. I can come up with some really good excuses, if you would just wait a few minutes… or hours…. or days…. or weeks… or months… or years. Anyways, today I am going to give you a packing list for a slumber party!
1: Say hello to captian obvious: PJs! Remember to pack an outfit for the next day.

2: Bring one optional item. For example, a stuffed animal, a book to read in any quiet time, a few sticks of gum to pass around, or a pack of slumber question cards. These are especially great!

3: Toiletries. ESSENTIAL. Such as: Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, flossers, ETC.

4: Bring the apropriate stuff to the party! For example, if the invite says to bring card-making supplies, bring card-making supplies! No matter if the invite says to bring it or not, if it’s a birthday slumber party, bring a birthday present.

5: Bring anything that you think you guys will have fun with! For example, maybe bring some fake cat ears that you have and play around with them because you know your BFF loves cats!

I hope this helps you be prepared for a slumber party!



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