Subject Quiz!

Today is… personality quiz day! (Yay!) So this week, find out which school subject you are!

1. What’s your favorite color?

  • A: Blue
  • B:Green-lime greem
  • C: Does tie-die count?
  • D:Pink
  • E: Rust
  • F:Purple

2. What would you most like for Christmas?

  • A: Calculator
  • B: Gak (It’s a kind of goo)
  • C: A new book
  • D: Anne Frank’s diary
  • E: Lego robotics
  • F: A C.D

3. What hobby would you like to have?

  • A: Making diagrams
  • B: Cooking
  • C: Spelling bee
  • D:Making time capsules
  • E: Building robots!
  • F: Singing!

4. If you were an ice cream, what flavor would you be?

  • A: Cotton candy: I have two sides to me, and I can come in lots of different flavors!
  • B: Bubblegum: I have all kinds of different surprises for you to find out about!
  • C: Vanilla: Plain, tried and true, and a classic.
  • D: Salted Carmel: Eye catching, tasty, and the center of attention.
  • E: Chocolate: Sweet, reliable, and always there for you.
  • F: Chocolate truffle: Sweet, melodious, and melt for my friends.

5: What is your favorite subject?

  • A: Math
  • B: Science
  • C: English
  • D: History
  • E: Robotics
  • F: Music

6: What is your personality like?

  • A: Uptight, know a lot of stuff, can be confusing at times, have a great memory, and stick up for my friends.
  • B: I love to experiment, I’m full of surprises, I’m not afraid to get dirty as long as I clean up afterwards!
  • C: My head is usually in the clouds, I’m loyal to my friends, I’m unique and a little strange, I love to imagine.
  • D: I love being the center of attention, I’m usually the one taking charge, I like to make people laugh.
  • E: I am kind and caring, sweet and I hate bullying. I love to create new things and my mind is like clockwork.
  • F: I am a bit quiet and shy, I have a melodious personality, I am beautiful and I love to express myself.

Mostly A’s:

You are a math person! You are good at remembering things, and you can understand things that are confusing to others.

Mostly B’s:

You are a science person! You love to experiment and are full of surprises.

Mostly C’s:

You are an english person! You usually have your heads in the clouds, and are a little odd, but don’t care about what people think!

Mostly D’s:
You are a history person! You can’t stand it when anyone else is the center of attention, because you love to have all eyes on you! You are fascinated by what went on in the past and want to learn more!
Mostly E’s:

You are a robotics person! You love to fix things and you are as reliable as a clock! Your brain works in gears!

Mostly F’s:
You are a music person! Although you can be a little shy and quiet, you love to express yourself through the arts! You are graceful in everything you do!


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