Miranda’s Diary

Hey guys!
I have some urgent and also bad news… we are blocked in with snow. My aunt was driving my cousins and I to Innerstar U, and then it sorta kinda starting snowing. A LOT. Luckily, we were so close to Innerstar U that we could walk to the local hotel. We parked our car and went inside, and I got the whole new student package and everything. In it, there is an extra uniform, a list of all the classes I will be taking and information about them, a schedule, a map, a list of rules, and the most helpful of all-the student handbook. It has so many things inside it about… well, stuff! I’m going to be in dorm room #143 with some other girls: Mirabelle, Grace, Kenya, Cassidy, and… wait for it… Rochelle! I’m glad that I will have someone that I know. You may be thinking, ‘But you don’t know her. You just know people who know her.’ But Rochelle was also at the hotel, so I met her there. She’s really nice and I would like to be friends with her. She told me that Mirabelle and Grace are in my grade, but she didn’t know about the others. I am so excited! It’s less nerve wrecking know that I know three people. Anyways, over and out!

Hey guys, it’s Jocelyn. I am thinking about having the next quiz be a ‘Which movie charecter are you?’ quiz. Do you have any movie ideas? Tell me in the comments!


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