Hey guys….

I would just like to say: I am really, really, really, REALLY sorry! I’ve had a lot of stuff to do, with school and the play, and I’ve just been really busy! SORRY! Anyways, here goes. Now it’s up to Bear.


It’s me, Bear Bear. Today I would like to tell you about some simple but helpful tips on life. So… here goes!

1. It’s OK to have sick days!

Everyone needs a day off! You aren’t letting the world down or anything like that! It’s OK for you to have a rest-you deserve it!

2. You are amazing!

Don’t ever doubt it! Strut your stuff and show the entire world what you’re made of!

3. Snuggle up!

Spend all of the time you can with family! Snuggle and huggle and cuddle with them! Because even though you might fight, you still love each other.

4. Keep on purring!

Just be happy all of the time! Don’t worry be happy! Just smile and let the world smile with you!

5. Love out loud

This is the last advice, and the most important. Love out loud. Live with love. Basically, just love. That’s it. It’s as simple as that.


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