OK, so, I bet you know what’s coming. Yup. I’m going to say I’m sorry for not posting. I can come up with some really good excuses, if you would just wait a few minutes… or hours…. or days…. or weeks… or months… or years. Anyways, today I am going to give you a packing list for a slumber party!
1: Say hello to captian obvious: PJs! Remember to pack an outfit for the next day.

2: Bring one optional item. For example, a stuffed animal, a book to read in any quiet time, a few sticks of gum to pass around, or a pack of slumber question cards. These are especially great!

3: Toiletries. ESSENTIAL. Such as: Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, flossers, ETC.

4: Bring the apropriate stuff to the party! For example, if the invite says to bring card-making supplies, bring card-making supplies! No matter if the invite says to bring it or not, if it’s a birthday slumber party, bring a birthday present.

5: Bring anything that you think you guys will have fun with! For example, maybe bring some fake cat ears that you have and play around with them because you know your BFF loves cats!

I hope this helps you be prepared for a slumber party!



SORRY (Again) For not posting yesterday!
Anyways, today I am going to do a summary on the movie Saige Paints the Sky. This movie was made by American Girl, and the GOTY (Girl Of The Year,) is basically the main character in it.


Once upon a time… Oh, wait. Wrong story.

In a normal home in New Mexico, there lived a 10-year old girl named Saige Copeland. She was so happy for her first day of 5th grade, because her best friend Tessa had been at music camp all summer long. But when she comes to school, even though Tessa is thrilled to see her again, she has made a new friend-Dylan. She was in Dylan’s cabin at music camp, and it appears that Tessa was closer friends with Dylan then with Saige. But Saige found a new friend: Gabi. They both shared the same interests, horses and art. Even though Saige has found a new friend, she still yearns to get Tessa back. That is difficult with the rude Dylan taking all of Tessa’s time. But then Saige learns that the art and music classes don’t have enough funds, and that they will have to alternate every year. Can Saige work together with Dylan, Tessa, and Gabi to find a way to fund art, even when her grandmother, Mimi, is in the hospital? Can Saige stand up to her fears of being in front of the crowd in the parade, play, and press conference? Read the book or watch the movie to find out!
Also, if any of you have any information on how to get in to the American Girl audition for the next GOTY movie, that would be great!


Have you ever seen starving kids? Have you ever seen commercials asking for you to donate? Has your heart ever broken for kids and adults in 3rd world countries? Have you ever wanted to change the world? Now, I have high expectations for myself: I want to have an orphanage in Guatemala, and I want the kids there to know Jesus and be happy. I want to get so many donations that I will have to open another orphanage, five other orphanages! But that dream may not be realistic. I might have an orphanage, but it might have only 15 kids. They might be BAD kids, and they might hate everyone and everything. I might be struggling to scrape by on the few donations that I get, and I might be the only person who works for the orphanage. I don’t want to make you give up hope: If you put your mind to it, you can do great things. But don’t imagine that everyone you meet will be loving and kind. Don’t imagine that you’ll have bathrooms and electricity. Don’t imagine that all the kids will be easy to teach. Don’t imagine… The list goes on and on and on. I used to imagine my orphanage with tons of happy kids. We had a room and teacher for each grade. We had a TV, and I loved the kids and they loved me. It was a huge building, and there were 5 kids in every dorm room. Each room was painted a different theme, and everyone was friends. But as I grew up, reality popped my fantasy. I’m not trying to be a depressing, hopeless person: I’m just saying that my fantasy was not even slightly realistic. Yours might be different, but my point is: You can’t change the world. But you can change one person’s world. So you might think, well, how can I change someone’s world? That’s ridiculous! But it isn’t. So, at some point today, or at some point tomorrow, stop what you’re doing and listen. Listen. Don’t listen for, listen to. Listen to God. Because He will tell you. Maybe it will be a little jingle on the radio about adopting kids from Africa. Maybe it’s the billboard you see about fostering a baby girl, or the pastor talking about how adopting older children is better than adopting younger. Whatever it is, try to listen, and God will answer.

Try to find the hidden sentence! You will get extra cool points: Hint!

Moving day!

Before I start this, I would like to apologize. I haven’t been posting, and that’s because I have been super busy. I’m sorry!


OK, so, I’m in NJ, where the Innerstar University is. I really am… BORED. I have been in a car for almost six hours! I really am itching to get out of the car. And then I had to help my parents unpack their stuff. But really, it was worth it, because Joyce and Betty were there! Joyce showed me her collection of Littlest Pet Shops. She has so many! I only have about twenty one or something like that. But I have tons of Monster High dolls, and she has only like ten, so I guess we’re even. We had an awesome sleep over! We went to a pizza and PJ party that Innerstar U was hosting. It was at the high school, and we didn’t really pay attention to the other kids, except for a really nice girl Joyce introduced me to, Anya. She didn’t go to Innerstar U, but we had fun playing together. Then we went home and played on my new Wii U that I got for Christmas. We watched the movie “Enchanted,” (That was my movie,) while we were falling asleep. Then we went to the Innerstar U high school to sign up for an after-school drama club. Now that I’m here, my move seems more exciting than scary. I have to go, my mom doesn’t want me to be on electronics for too long.


This week, some great stuff happened.
I learned that my favorite magazine, Discovery Girls, was holding a SUMMIT! This means that DG (Discovery Girls) is asking all of it’s readers to fill out a questionnaire about themselves. Questions like: What are your plans for your future? And: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and how would you use it? Out of all the thousands, maybe millions, of girls who apply, DG will be picking 36 lucky girls to travel to California and be in the magazine! Each girl will help contribute to the magazine, by modeling and contributing to articles, maybe even coming up with articles! In addition to this, they also get to have a full page dedicated to them! This page shows pictures of them and talks about them, too. I have started and finished my first draft for the questionnaire! Please pray that I get in!

This week, I also learned that I am a procrastinator. Yes, I posted every day, but not until LATE. Right now, it’s 7:02! I was planning to post much earlier. Sorry for any inconvenience!


~Jeremiah 29:11~
For I know the plans I have for you, plans for hope and a future…
Sometimes one of the hardest questions Christians get asked is, ‘If God cares so much, then why has does he let bad things happen in life?’ Fortunately for us, we get asked that question A LOT. Therefore, it stops being such a hard question, and we see it as an easy question. Tonight I would like to answer that question for you.
Some of you have heard of her, some of you haven’t. She is probably my favorite sports player of all time, if surfing is considered a sport. Bethany Hamilton. Would have been the best surfer in the world. IN THE WORLD. Would have been, if not for the accident… Bethany started surfing about at the same time she was learning to walk. She was a Christian girl, always praying before going out to hit the waves. At only 13 years old, her arm was bit off by a shark. While she was surfing. This week’s verse is Jeremiah 12:11-For I know the plans I have for you, plans for hope and a future. Now, we can tell that this is God speaking. And that should send chills right down your spine. This verse is relevant to all of us-whether we are 4, or 104! God always has a plan for you. Did you notice that this verse is also telling us not to worry? God has a plan for you! He is keeping you safe, even if you think that you’re going to die. What are the chances that on the day Bethany’s arm got bit off by a shark her best friend and her BFF’s family would be there? What are the chances the shark didn’t come back for more? What are the chances that there was a paramedic on the beach? What are the chances that someone was level-headed enough to wrap his shirt around her arm, saving her life? What are the chances that the paramedic whispered in her ear, God will never leave you or forsake you? What are the chances… that God was protecting her? That God protects you? So Bethany miraculously lived. She went to the hospital, but she lived. She lost her arm, but she lived. I am almost 100% sure that Bethany asked, why did God let this happen to me? But Bethany decided to keep on surfing. She learned to surf, as well as do many other things, with one arm. And she started getting famous, because a shark bit off her arm and she kept trying to surf. Let that sink in. A shark bit off her arm and she kept trying to surf. No wonder TV channels from all over the world were trying to interview her! And Bethany hated those interviews. But she did them anyways. And she impacted thousands and thousands of people by telling them about Jesus Christ. She told them how he loves them. So, so much. So there you have it! An inspiring true story about how something good can come out of something bad. And as you walk away from your computer, think about this: God has a plan for YOU.
Bonus awesome points to anyone who finds the secret message that I hid in there!



My name is Miranda Hoffman, and I am twelve years old. I have decided to start recording my life in this journal, and maybe someday it will be published online, or even maybe as a book! That’s what I want, anyways. So. Yeah. Welcome to my life! As I said already, I am Miranda Hoffman and I am twelve years old. I have long, blonde hair. Really long, straight blonde hair. I wear some cute pink glasses, and I have blue eyes and fair skin. I am SHORT for my age, and it’s hard to see everyone tower over me. I’m an only child, but I used to live with three other girls. That a few weeks ago, but I’ll tell you about that later. I live with my mom and my dad. My mom has short, brown hair, but not too short. She is average height, and she has chocolate brown eyes that somehow seem to smile. My dad is blonde like me. He has blue eyes, and not a lot of hair, and he wears contacts. He has a goatee beard, and my mom says I have his toes. I also live with an ADORABLE Himalayan cat that I named Mr. Fluffers, but I call him Fluffy. He is.. well, fluffy! So some recent… events happened. Lately. About five weeks ago, my mom told me we were moving! I just died then. I had been living with my awesome Aunt and my adopted sister, Cecile, Felicity, and Elizabeth. I just couldn’t leave them! Also, I had to leave my best friend, Zoe! She was my Aunt’s friend’s daughter. I don’t think I would have let myself move if it weren’t for my two cousins, Joyce and Betty. They live in the same place we’re moving, and I’m going to go to the same school as them. It’s a boarding school called Innerstar University, and my parents will live a few blocks away. I will be boarding there. Now, about my cousins. Joyce is twelve and Betty is ten, but their mom put them in school at the same time, so they’re in the same grade. Betty is my good friend, but Joyce is my BEST friend! She and I are identical cousins. We’re so like twins, it’s not even funny. We look EXACTLY alike, except for the fact that she doesn’t wear glasses. That’s how people tell us apart. We like exactly the same things and don’t like the same things, too. I have tons of memories of us three playing together as kids. We were so close! Anyways, my mom keeps asking me if I’m done. Our moving day is tomorrow, and we still have some stuff to pack. I’ll keep you posted!

Lots of love,




Today is a random corner, and it will probably be the randomesst corner of all time.

I had no idea what to put for it, so, I thought, why not put something actually very random?
It will be short, but good. Some of my friends know about it already.

Anyways, here is a random story.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, majestic 10-year old young lady with long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and glasses, who loved to act in musicals, and would have her own blog in the future. She went to camp, and it was the best camp in the world, she made friends, played games, blah blah blah, but that’s another story. Today, I will be telling the story of something that happened in camp.

So, the girl went to the cafeteria, and there was a trash for her to throw her leftovers in. And on the trash was a sign: THE SCRAPS WILL GO TO PIGS. All this may be very well, and you might be wondering, ‘Is this all there is too it?’ But no, it isn’t. Because along with a bowl of raisins absolutely COVERED in brown sugar, every morning the girl would also have a huge, heaping pile of… bacon. So the girl started running around the camp like a crazy person, telling everyone that pigs eat bacon.

The end.